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The AgriCultures Network is a group of organizations that strive to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie agroecology and family farming. The AgriCultures Network has members all over the world that are that are locally rooted and globally connected:

The AgriCultures Network facilitates co-creation of knowledge and practice-based advocacy at community level as well as between farmer organisations, researchers, academia, policy makers and civil society actors. For over 30 years we have been nurturing a community of individuals and organisations engaged in sustainable agriculture.

We produce regional and global magazines on sustainable farming, reaching about a million readers globally today. In addition, we support the systematisation of practical experiences and promote policies that are supportive of agroecology rooted in family farming. We are proud to be part of a growing inclusive global movement for agroecology and food sovereignty, rooted in family farming.

Global Magazine

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    At ILEIA, we are committed to strengthening family farming rooted in agroecology. We do this by building bridges between the social movements, the science and the practice of agroecology through documenting and systematising grounded practices. As communication experts, we translate complex ideas into easily understandable language to bring together the insights derived from diverse ‘ways of knowing’, and to catalyse synergies among different actors working to amplify agroecology. We produce a quarterly magazine called Farming Matters, engage in advocacy, training, and facilitation of learning.

    We’re proud to be part of the AgriCultures Network, an international network of like-minded organisations documenting and systematising grounded practices. Our network partners, in Brazil, Peru, Senegal, Ethiopia and India, produce Farming Matters’ sister magazines and together we share a mission to mainstream the values, principles and practices that underlie family farming based on agroecology.

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Regional Magazines

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    AME Foundation, as a knowledge resource Organization, has been promoting ecological agriculture for more than 30 years, primarily in India. AMEF guides small holder family farmers in fragile eco systems like rain fed areas to manage their natural resources better, practice alternative eco-friendly farming practices for better yields and reduced costs. Through pioneering participatory farmer centric learning processes like Farmer Field Schools, has influenced more than more than 100000 rain fed small farmers to adopt alternative farm practices. (, with special attention to rural farm youth and women. AMEF publishes LEISA India –   a quarterly magazine highlighting practical agroecological field experiences- in English and seven local language editions reaching more than 20000 readers through print editions as well as several thousand more through digital editions. (

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    AS-PTA – Family Agriculture and Agroecology is a non-profit association that since 1983 has been working to strengthen family farming and promote sustainable rural development in Brazil. The experience accumulated over the years has enabled us to prove the contribution of the agroecological approach to the confrontation of the great challenges of agricultural sustainability by the farming families. AS-PTA participated in the constitution and works in various civil society networks to promote sustainable rural development. At the same time as they constitute collective learning spaces, these networks provide articulated actions of organizations and social movements to influence the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of public policies.

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    IED Afrique

    IED Africa is an independent, non-profit organization based in Senegal, which capitalizes around fifteen years of experience in Francophone West Africa. The organization works on issues of sustainable development and citizenship in Africa with a focus on methodological and participatory innovations.

    Created on September 1, 2005, it takes over from the Sahel Program of the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), set up in 1993 and continues and strengthens its achievements.

    A strong conviction

    The development of Africa necessarily involves capacity building, especially for the most vulnerable groups, and the establishment of equitable relations between the various actors so as to enable their real participation in the improvement of the living conditions and well-being of the people. populations.

    A citizen mission

    Contribute to the achievement of equitable and sustainable development through the promotion of inclusive policies and practices of decentralization, environmental governance and agriculture.

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    LEISA agroecology magazine is one of seven magazines on small sustainable agricultural production, published under the sponsorship of the ILEIA Foundation and circulates in different parts of the world. It is a quarterly publication published by the Association of Ecology, Technology and Culture in the Andes (ETC Andes) since 1996.

    LEISA promotes the optimal use of local resources and natural processes and, if necessary, the efficient use of external inputs. It also promotes the interaction and integration between local and universal knowledge.

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